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Loft Conversion, Study Guest Room, Living Room and Boot Room

It was a joy to work on this project due to the diverse scope of the renovation.  We started off with an update to the living room, boot room and guest room and then extended into a full loft conversion to incorporate three rooms (storage area, television room and additional guest/au pair room.

In the boot room the storage capacity was the main consideration.  We were able to purchase pre-fabricated units and modify these for our own purposes for a lower budget option to bespoke carpentry.

For the living room the client wanted to express some individual style and also we needed to consider the impact of the imposing floor to ceiling storage.  It was necessary to de-clutter to a certain extent to remove one of the bookcases to create more space and create a feature wall with wallpaper from Cole & Son.

The guest room is a multi-purpose space, acting as a study and a place for people to stay over.  A sofa bed and some bespoke cabinets incorporated around the vintage desk heirloom to create this unique space.

Next was the loft conversion, creating a living space for guests and eventually the au-pair.  The roof structure meant that we had an interesting space to consider in terms of space planning.   The architect had done a great job adding a dormer and I played with the plans to accommodate my clients needs and must haves. Some interesting wallpaper, a miniature kitchen, designer furniture and bespoke joinery all feature to make the best use of any available space.

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Kitchen Transformation

The original kitchen design was dated and in need of a revamp.  Internal walls were removed and an extension to the rear allowed for an open plan design to create the social hub for the home.  Stairs from the kitchen leads to a new study area.

The new kitchen is German made and came from my trade kitchen supplier so we were able to provide a high quality kitchen at a trade price.  The kitchen design is adaptable and so we were able to take into consideration all the storage requirements for the client for example incorporating floor to ceiling pull out units.

The design is functional but also homely.  Some little tweaks such as painting the existing dining table and chairs and adding a designer pendant light brings a touch of individual style.

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Bathroom Design

The bathroom design was determined by how much space we could gain by knocking down and extending the wall that linked with the adjacent bedroom.  We gained space from the alcove area that had been used in the bedroom for a built in wardrobe.  The bedroom had adequate space to relocate the wardrobe space.

Moving the wall enabled us to add a corner shower as well as renew all the bathroom fixtures and fittings in a full fit out.  The client was very happy with her updated bathroom.

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Staging Student Studio Flats

The project involved staging five student studio flats for marketing purposes and photographing for their website.  The designs set a president and were replicated in the other studios owned by the company.  The rooms were staged with a minimum budget in mind.

Photos are courtesy of Jeanette Lendon Photography.

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Reception Rooms

The client was looking for some inspiration to bring a fresh lease of life to her two reception rooms.  Over time it is so easy to accumulate furniture.  You move things into a room slowing over time and without realising it end up with a mishmash of styles. The brief was to make the two rooms flow as if one living space taking into consideration that it would be a space to watch television, to play the piano and also for the client to easily do her Pilates exercises.

The rooms received a complete overhaul by painting the walls a neutral shade, but providing the wow factor with a wallpaper from the V&A collection.  The colour inspiration came from a painting owned by the client.

In the alcoves we built recessed shelving that matched  the shelving in the second reception to cope with the collection of books.  The new sofa and purple love seat in a modern Chesterfield style brings a personal touch to the overall scheme. The client was delighted with her new rooms.

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High End Student Accommodation

The Grade II Listed Building was transformed from office and storage into 36 impressive studio student rooms, each with private en-suit bathrooms and own kitchens with high quality furniture and decoration throughout including a vibrant communal room.

I worked with a commercial team of architects,  structural engineers and furniture designers on behalf of Castlehill.  My brief was to create Interior Design schemes for the studio student rooms but also the entrance halls and the communal rooms.   It was important to create a colour brand for the organisation that could be replicated across future investments.

The scheme is being duplicated across the progressive stages of which the next is a 10 story building with 305 rooms with communal areas, gym and cinema based in Huddersfield.  The building will prove to be the ultimate in accommodation for overseas students studying in the UK.

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Walk-In Wardrobe

The idea of a walk-in wardrobe for some is a dream and may be on your wish list if you had the space.  In this instance the client had converted her loft and she was in the very fortunate situation that she could have her dream walk-in wardrobe.

The space was occupied by a large free standing wardrobe and chest of drawers but this was inadequate and too eclectic for her personal needs.  We set about pulling together a list of requirements for example, ample shoe storage, multi-hanging space, and drawers and inserts for makeup and jewelry. With the help of a bespoke furniture company we were able to design and fit-out the space to incorporate all of these essentials.

A wood laminate floor and a new bling crystal chandelier was installed to complete the effect.

You will be happy to know that the chest of drawers was treasured and found a new home in the house as it was too beautiful to be abandoned.

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Upholstery Service

Upholstery Service: Interior Design is about achieving something new and inspiring and reflects the clients tastes.  It is not unusual to up-cycle pre loved items of furniture.  It seems such a shame to throw away something just because it is showing signed of wear and tear.  Often the structure underneath is perfectly fine and it just needs a bit of love and attention to bring it back to its former glory.

Upholstery is an area where we can do just that.  The fabric can be picked to match the new scheme, and padding can be added to bring it back to its former glory.  Even the wood work can be restored or painted.

Upholstery can be small items such as footstools, through to feature chairs and three seater sofas.  We can help you choose a suitable fabric – something that compliments your room scheme but also provides the appropriate fire regulation properties.

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Living Room Colour Scheme

Time for a change.  The kitchen and living room had recently been upgraded with a new open plan kitchen space and she wanted to update the living room with a new colour scheme.

Inspiration for colour came from a new piece of art she had acquired and from this we mixed purple, lime and cream using plain and patterned materials to create the new scheme.  The colours were reflected in the new cushions, and the upholstered box cushions made bespoke for the seating area in the library alcove.

The design consultation was extended to incorporate new curtains for the dining room and also a new scheme for the snug room.  The old pine furniture was given a new lease of life by being up-cycled,  painted blue and pink.  The roman blinds and fresh paintwork completed the new scheme.

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Renovation of Bathrooms & Kitchen

The kitchen and bathrooms are important areas in the house, particularly from a re-sale point of view.  The bathrooms and kitchen were part of the first phase of renovations for the property.  Over time the rooms had become old and tired and it was time for an update.

The Interior Design consultation involved drawing up design plans and specifying fixtures and fittings.  This included the kitchen units, bathroom fittings, flooring, tiles, worktops and paint for the finishing touches.

The next stage was the project management.  Quotes were attained from my tried and trusted contractors for the client to approve.  The best way forward is always to have the project mapped out before commencing any work.  It was a complete overhaul and the client is very happy with the result.

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Blending Modern and Traditional Style

The couple have lived in this property most of their life and over time had collected a vast amount of books and paraphernalia.  They felt that it was time for an update and they just did not know where to start, so the sought some Interior Design advice.

As part of the consultation we discussed what they wished to achieve and we identified the priorities, particularly in relation to their storage requirements.  A certain amount of de-cluttering was required and this process offered the chance to assess what to keep and what could go.

Next we looked at the design of the room.  There were certain items that just had to remain – namely the the three piece suite and of course the gorgeous antique furniture.

As part of the redesign we built a “dresser” styled bookcase incorporating the radiator to store all the books.  The old fireplace was removed and in its place we fitted a simple economical fire and plenty of wall shelves either side.  The shelves adorn their prized ornaments and photos.  The result is a simple, light and airy space in which they can happily flow through the room.

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Front Porch Renovation & Internal Storage Solutions

The entrance to this house was cramped and the client wanted to open up the house and create a front porch, and to tidy away the clutter left by the family in the hallway space (which was just a dumping zone for shoes, bags and coats).

The first step was to discuss the structure and porch plans with an Architect.  A design was decided and then we formed a plan for the internal space.  The architecture featured solid oak in keeping with the rest of the house and I suggested making use of the space under the stairs.

The client now has a main door entry to a porch with seating, hanging space and storage for shoes and then an internal door leading to the hallway.  A pull out bespoke storage system was built under the stairs to de-clutter and organise the hallway. The space is now light and airy and free of clutter.

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Apartment on Thames ~ Room Schemes

The client has a beautiful apartment on the Thames that needed to be styled and fitted out with furniture and soft furnishings.

A colour scheme was created based on the consultation held with the client and from the brief I specified all the furniture and accessories.  On occasions we visited the showrooms together (went shopping) to view the items before purchasing.  Most of the furniture was designer and bespoke made to fit the space and we added those personal touches with the feature walls in the bedrooms and commissioned artwork in the lounge.

A modern styled apartment was achieved that is ideal for the family and their guests.

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Neutral Colour Scheme for a Living Room

The kitchen had recently been updated and it was now time to update and breath new life into the lounge.  A complete rethink of the lounge design was required in terms of planning the space but also the colour and decor.  Once the design was mutually agreed, all furniture was removed and the renovation started with the installation of new recessed LED ceiling lights, and new radiators and a modern fireplace.  A neutral scheme was decided and furniture specified and purchased in line with the space and the new scheme.  The longest wall was covered in a metallic wallpaper which was discrete but dramatically changed in effect as determined by the time of day and the level of light.  The space offers a quiet retreat and a place to entertain guest.

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Home study

Working from home can be more enjoyable and less stressful if you have a dedicated work space.  A home study offers a great solution.  A main benefit is that you don’t have to clear things away at the end of your working day and it also you can create storage that is designed for your work life.  The client had her files in free standing bookcases and was using a dining table as her makeshift desk.   In association with a fitted furniture company we created a study that had the maximum amount of storage capacity.  There was space for the printer, the shredder, all her files and books and also her camera tripods.  Shutters were fitted to the windows, the walls painted a hint of grey, and a feature chair added for a soft element.

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Traditional Living Room transformed into sleek modern lounge

The client sought inspiration to modernise their living room and create a place where they could retire for the evening and relax.   The traditional fireplace was removed and replaced with a fake chimney breast so that the television could be housed within a recess.  The client wanted all wires to be out of view, so a bespoke white high-gloss cabinet was designed to house all the media equipment and wiring.  The multi-media surround sound system, feature wallpaper panels, and LED cable and crystal lighting all add to the ambiance and bring the scheme together for the ultimate in luxury living.   The ball chair was inspired from conversations with the client who liked design in the 1970s.  The room expresses their own personal style.

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Loft Conversion to Create Luxury Bedroom with En-Suite and Private Jacuzzi Bath

The initial plans for the loft conversion was to create two bedrooms but it was evident the bedrooms would be small and lacking in space.  I suggested one feature bedroom and the scheme grew from there.  They have their own en-suite bathroom and changing area.  The wardrobes fit neatly into the eaves and incorporate a fridge so they do not have to venture down two flights of stairs.  It was also decided to fit a jacuzzi bath for the ultimate in luxury bathing.  There is a drop down projector screen and media surround sound system to watch feature movies. The client has no reason to leave the comfort of their room.

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New Colour Scheme

A room can be instantly revived with a new colour scheme.  Are you bored with your current scheme and would like a relatively low cost solution then consider a new colour palette.  Curtains and blinds in a new fresh vibrant colour palette were chosen for this home.  Lime green and vivid pink for the lounge and study, and red and blue for the bedroom.  By using different colours and patterns on either side of the cushions you can change the scheme to suit your mood.

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Open Plan Kitchen

A home in Harpenden was extended and inner walls were removed to create a large open plan kitchen and diner.  In addition the movement and re-angling of the internal wall near the front entrance created a larger hall and room for a new WC cloakroom.  An internal chimney was knocked out and an arch created in the wall linking access between the lounge and the dining room.  There is now an abundance of natural light in all rooms and the family enjoy the new sociably way of living.

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Renovation of family home in Greenford

A home renovation composing the removal of internal walls, and the development of a rear extension and loft conversion. The consultancy service included advice on material choices throughout, such as the kitchen, flooring and feature walls, together with new schemes for the lounge and bedrooms.

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