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How Diverse is your Scheme ~ The Art of Changing the Mood

So you have lived with the same scheme for what feels like a decade! Does it now leave you feeling uninspired and you are bored of your living space.

The simplest way to revive a room is to update the colour and soft furnishings.

As an Interior Designer my first step is to identify the homeowner’s personal tastes. Do they like pattern… Do they abhor stripes? Have they a fondness for bright colours and an aversion for pastel? If there is more than one person living in the home the personal tastes can differ greatly between the occupants, which can make things a tad tricky.

But there is a way forward… and that is to bring a bit of diversity to the scheme.


In styling a bedroom, a set of three cushions and a throw were made using three different fabrics in the base colours linen, red and sky blue.

In many schemes the tendency is to make or purchase individual cushions in each fabric design, so both sides (faces) of the cushion are identical. In this interchangeable scheme the fabric on one cushion was red both sides with a blue trim, but the other two cushions had blue fabric one side and a patterned design on the other. A throw was also made with red fabric one side and blue the other.


The plain blue face of the cushions are paired with the blue face of the throw and a sneaky bit of red for a low key and tranquil scheme. Turn over the throw and the colour balance is now tipped with red becoming the dominant colour. Red is more vivacious and the colour of passion.

The blue cushions are now reversed to the patterned side for a third option in the visual repertoire. By adding a pattern you are making more of a design statement.


The interchangeable nature of the soft furnishings brings an increased level of flexibility so that the room can be dressed according to the person’s mood. And that brings us back full circle as why not mix all three designs on the bed all at once!


Happy Styling!

Deborah Temple ~ Interior Designer ~ DST Design
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